How it Works

This is How it Works

Enter a challenge and join the tribe from around the world by showing us your unique ideas. There are fantastic prizes, including financial and social awards, stays at AZULIK Tulum and many more.

Sometimes challenges take a long time to be developed, so you will have to promote your project, and only the most creative and unique projects will win the hearts —and the support— of the tribe.

The biggest prize is to become a Tribe Alchemist, and that makes all that effort worthwhile.

There are a lot of prizes you can win along the way and we promise the way will be fun and creative.

Get Started!

1.- Choose a challenge

Find the challenge you want to participate in.

2.- Create it

Show us your creativity and uniqueness by submitting your idea to Azulik Tribe

3.- Submit

Upload the assets you created, write a comprehensive description of your idea, submit and wait for our approval.

Share and Engage

1.- Spread the word

Promote your project offline and online to gain the support needed.

2.- Challenge Tribe Cent

Welcome to the challenger Tribe Cent, now after get 100 Interactions, the AZULIK Tribe team will give an official feedback.

3.- Winner and Recognition

You will become a Tribe Alchemist and will be recognized with the prize specified in the challenge description.

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