Community Norms

Use of the Site

All that information displayed within our internet page that is, data, software, photographs, images, graphics, videos, logos, names, brands, commercial notices, advertising, promotions and any other material, are property of AZULIK® TRIBE, or its licensors or licensees.


When the user's behavior is contrary to the interests and rules of AZULIK® TRIBE and these T&C, AZULIK® TRIBE may reserve the right to deny the service, access and delivery of compensation.


It is prohibited to transmit within the internet page messages whose content is discriminatory, harmful, racial, threatening, defamatory, profane, vulgar, obscene, sexual, and in general to all those messages that go against morals and good customs, so AZULIK® TRIBE will have the right to deactivate any information in this regard.


Winning Projects

AZULIK® TRIBE will unilaterally appoint a committee made up of at least 3 (three) people who will evaluate the projects at their sole discretion and in accordance with the needs of each published challenge.


AZULIK® TRIBE undertakes that in each challenge it will publish the type of consideration to which the USER will be entitled, which may be: i) Social recognition in AZULIK® TRIBE's social networks or, whatever is defined in each one of the challenges according to its level and degree of complexity;


Electronic Communication

The user agrees that communications by email accounts or other electronic means manifested by the user himself, will be considered as valid between the parties, in terms of the applicable legal provisions.


In the event that THE USER fails to comply in a timely manner with any of its obligations under these T&C, AZULIK® TRIBE reserves the right to suspend the provision of services and the use of the application and cancellation of the USER's account without liability. some.



The Parties will keep confidential all information related to this Agreement, except for that information that (i) the Parties agree in advance and in writing that may be disclosed; (ii) is of a public nature; and/or (iii) any of the Parties has the obligation to disclose, reveal, make available to, or share with any governmental authority or with any market or stock exchange in which their shares or securities are listed, in accordance with the legislation applicable or by virtue of any judicial or administrative order or resolution, in which case it must inform the counterpart in writing regarding its obligation to disclose information.


Intellectual Property Rights (Copyrights and industrial property rights)

All works of author, pictorial, sculptural, drawing, plastic, architectural, works of applied art, copyright on content, organization, compilation, compilation , information, magnetic or electronic transfers, digital conversations, logos, photographs, designs, images, programs or in general any information or contained within the Internet site, as well as trademarks, distinctive signs, commercial notices, and any other property rights Intellectual property that is displayed, contained or used on the site are the property of AZULIK® TRIBE, or its licensors or licensees. And these intellectual property rights are protected by International Laws and by current provisions on intellectual property.


THE USER declares under protest of telling the truth and for all legal purposes to which there is place the following:


That you agree and confirm that your projects, ideas and/or solutions presented and published through your account on this collaborative platform can be used by AZULIK® TRIBE;

That the projects, ideas and/or solutions presented and published through your account on this collaborative platform are of your own creation and are not a copy, nor do they result from plagiarism to third parties, who are the current and only owners of said intellectual property:

That by carrying out any publication on the said information and documentation may be seen by other users (third parties unrelated to AZULIK® TRIBE) and that at this time they release AZULIK® TRIBE from any contingency or responsibility for the misuse that third parties may make of said information; That AZULIK® TRIBE will respect the authorship of the information at all times.


In the event that any user or third party performs an act of unfair competition or action in frank violation of the rights of AZULIK® TRIBE, the corresponding actions will be initiated in order to claim their rights, in accordance with the applicable legal provisions.


AZULIK® TRIBE respects the intellectual property rights of third parties. By virtue of this, in the event that the user or any third party considers that the content of the Internet site violates or violates intellectual property rights, they must give immediate notice and make a relationship of facts and alleged violations to:


Advertising material

The user acknowledges and accepts that all the information, images, advertisements and advertising or promotional materials belong to AZULIK® TRIBE and/or third parties, and that they may not use them, unless expressly authorized in writing by AZULIK® TRIBE.



AZULIK® TRIBE reserves the right to modify this document (terms and conditions) at the time it deems appropriate, notifying by electronic means (website, application for smartphones or via email) to the parties with at least 10 (ten) calendar days.


AZULIK® TRIBE declares and the PARTIES acknowledge the following:


AZULIK® TRIBE has no control over, nor does it guarantee (i) the quality, safety, suitability or legality of any publication made by a USER (ii) the truthfulness or accuracy of the descriptions of any announcement or of the ratings, evaluations and other content of the website or (iii) the actions or conduct of any user or third party. AZULIK® TRIBE does not endorse any user.


AZULIK® TRIBE will use its reasonable efforts to maintain the website as well as the application for smartphones (if applicable) in a fully operational and error-free condition, however, it is not responsible for any failure or error of the platform. We will not have any responsibility for any failure in your access to the Website or its platform that is caused by any software used by you in the introduction of information.


AZULIK® TRIBE reserves the right not to accept, publish, show or transmit any user content at its own discretion. AZULIK® TRIBE has the right to review and remove any user content that, in its sole discretion, violates these terms and conditions, the regulations and legislation in force, when it is abusive, harmful, offensive or illegal, or that violates the rights, damages or threatens the safety of the users of the website. AZULIK® TRIBE reserves the right to limit or veto the use of the platform to users and prevent them from accessing and/or using the website again for violating these terms and conditions, the applicable laws, rules or regulations. AZULIK® TRIBE will adopt those measures it deems appropriate.


THE USER who is solely responsible for their access to the Internet and is responsible for taking all necessary measures to protect their own data or software, equipment, from infection by any virus (harmful program) that may spread over the Internet or through other means electronic



AZULIK® TRIBE does not carry out operations with minors. In accordance with the foregoing, THE USER declares under protest of telling the truth that he is of legal age and that he has full powers of enjoyment and exercise, in accordance with the applicable legal provisions.


Term and early termination

These Terms and Conditions of use will have an indefinite validity, and will begin to run from the day on which said Terms and Conditions of use are accepted and the corresponding payment is made, by the user by pressing accept (click) on the buttons contained in this website.

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